Silk is the strongest natural fiber in the world – even stronger than steel, when compared pound for pound. Archeologists and historians have traced silk back 8,500 years after finding preserved fabrics in ancient Chinese tombs. The secret of silkworms spread to royalty on every continent as monks carried fabric and stolen cocoons across the Silk Road.
Premium mulberry silk is still a symbol of luxury and durable quality. To this day, the sheen, fine texture, and supple softness are unmatched.
Silky is committed to making pure silk more accessible for everyone with functional designs and fast shipping. Purchase with confidence and enjoy the highest quality product with OEKO-TEX® certification and Grade 6A long-fiber silk. We source our mulberry silk from sustainable growers in China at the heart of mulberry silk’s long, rich history.


Silky Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed daily life, almost overnight. Disposable masks and cotton face coverings were strongly recommended and immediately sold out, so we decided to find another solution with pure mulberry silk.

Balance Safety and Style

Silk repels water droplets, and it has powerful anti-viral benefits with traces of woven copper. Cotton, on the other hand, soaks up water droplets like a sponge. New research shows that silk’s hydrophobic surface offers better protection, and it’s more breathable.

Cotton and polyester are the most common mask materials, but they’re ill-suited to the task. Both fabrics are rougher than silk and they absorb more moisture, which is particularly dangerous for airborne viruses, dust or pollens.

Protect yourself and treat your skin with a little bit of luxury.

Premium silk is incredibly soft, smooth, and hypoallergenic. Enjoy the delicate feeling of stay-cool silk without any rough irritation. The fabric is woven with natural proteins and 18 amino acids that are linked with anti-aging.

Silk gives more than it takes. This luxury fabric won’t absorb oil from your skin and hair – it adds hydration. A pure silk face mask can help balance oily or dry skin, reduce ‘mascne,’ and improve your complexion with a more youthful glow.

You Deserve the Best

At Silky, we’ve always been attracted to the luxurious softness, gorgeous sheen, and unique durability of silk. The feeling of pure silk on skin is mesmerizing!

It’s absolutely amazing how silkworms can weave fibers that balance strength and softness, all within a sustainable ecosystem. Silk is all-natural, reusable, and biodegradable – the perfect choice for conscious consumers.

We’re committed to helping everyone stay safe and comfortable with flawless skin during this crisis and beyond.

At Silky, we believe that natural solutions have the power to change the world. Our products are sourced directly from sustainable producers in China at the birthplace of silk, and we offer fast local shipping in the United States and Canada.