Woven for Beauty

Treat your skin with care. Dermatologists suggest that raw silk can help reduce wrinkles with anti-aging benefits. Plus, mulberry silk is suitable for all skin types, including eczema and dry or sensitive skin.
Unlike cotton, pure silk doesn’t steal your natural moisture. A silk face mask can actually protect and balance oil production with deep hydration – perfect for both oily and dry skin types.
Eliminate irritation and frizz with soft, smooth texture. Silk doesn’t conduct electricity like other fabric, and it glides gently across the surface of your skin without any rough fibers.


Woven for Health

Silk naturally repels water droplets in the air with a hydrophobic surface. Dozens of new lab studies have tested silk’s advantages over cotton and polyester, and it wins every time.
Mulberry silkworms thrive on a diet of copper-rich mulberry leaves, and traces of metal are woven directly into the fibers. Copper naturally kills viruses on contact.
Protect yourself with a barrier that naturally stops the spread of bacteria and microbes. Silk face masks aren’t medical grade, but they are easy to sanitize and more effective than cotton.


Woven for Comfort

Silkworms weave protective cocoons that act as small microclimates. The woven fabric carries these same benefits with stay-cool temperature control. Balance heat and humidity with a silk face mask.
Raw mulberry silk is finely woven with long fibers that twist tightly together. Even with three layers of heavy-weight silk, our breathable face masks let air flow freely, and nothing else.
Silk is more durable, sanitary, and fast-drying than cotton. Gently wash and rinse your silk face mask in cold water. Then, absorb excess water and hang it up to dry for another day of wear.