Welcome to Silky!


We aim to be a Beauty Company that offer our customers a variety of Skincare, Body care and Beauty Products with a natural and organic ingredient. “We’re committed to helping you stay safe and comfortable with flawless skin during this crisis and beyond.”


“Beauty without compromise” this means that we are providing variety of skincare, body care and beauty products without compromising on the quality and cost. Which is why we also commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.

Our core beliefs are that everyone is different and not all products are the same or made the same. Thus, we are giving you a unique and variety to choose from to be yourself.


When it comes to skincare, body care and beauty products, “nothing should be compromised”. We want each customer to feel good with the purchase they made knowing they are purchasing authentic high-quality products.  A lot of products that are made today, were manufactured using toxic chemicals, brands that are not authentic to sell at highly discounted price that pose a potential health risk. You may not feel good about your purchase if you do know where your products are coming from or what they are made of.


Our selections of natural, organic, and safe products are our top priority, “products that are non-toxic”.  We are confident that we have the right product for everyone's health and beauty needs. We thoroughly check the quality of our goods and working only with a reliable supplier so that customers only receive the best and high quality yet-budget friendly products. We offer all of this while providing friendly customer service.